A study directed by Business Administration graduate Karol Ramírez Acosta revealed that the great majority of our clients were satisfied with the service provided by our Firm. Among the results of this study are the following:

  • It was determined that we currently have a remarkable number of clients with over a year of utilizing our services.
  • In our study, we asked our clients about their main motivation for making business with our firm. Among the answers were the following: Comfort (15%), Friendship (20%), Security (34%), Agility (2%), and Great customer treatment (29%).  Notice the main motivation of our clients is the security our Firm ensures.
  • Client satisfaction was demonstrated. The great majority of them (97%) stated that they are, in general, satisfied with the services we provide.

As it was concluded by our study, our clients have an excellent perception of the Firm and consider that our services are indeed different than those of other legal Firms, while only the minority of them stated aspects that need improvement

What others are saying about us

There are countless stories told by locals and foreigners about how there attorney neglected to tell them about a consequence or did not explain all of their options. This common neglect by many attorneys helped build CV Firm into one of the most trusted firms in Costa Rica. CV Firm is the leader in professional legal services in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. Casimiro Vargas, Attorney at Law, is well known in the region for his integrity and innovation. He has built CV Firm from its roots as a local accounting office to a major legal and accounting firm in Costa Rica. Casimiro built his reputation by working tirelessly to meet the needs of his diverse clientele by listening to their concerns and providing expert advice on how to reach their goals inside the framework of the Costa Rican legal system. His clients come from all over the world, whether it is a Tico farmer in San Isidro or a major developer from Europe or the United States. One of Casimiro’s greatest assets is the team that surrounds him. All of his staff is bilingual and very professional. CV Firm is one of the few firms with their own legally registered Professional Escrow Service using the expertise of their partner E & T Escrow and Trust Solutions. Casimiro and his team go to great lengths in protecting the funds and ensuring safe transactions in Costa Rica.

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You should be very proud of your business! You use computer technology better than we do in the United States! I am always very impressed, and grateful to be working with such a professional firm.

I will wire the money down this week and will let you know when I do.


Casimiro, with your permission I would like to start using and referring you for all my future potential closings and dealings. Again I must mention in 5 years of being here I have used about 7-8 different attorneys for things, I am by far most impressed and enjoy working with you

Thank you for your thorough and diligent work on this and for looking out for my client’s best interests.